Southmoreland's Transition to a Boutique Art Hotel

Since its construction in 1913, Southmoreland on the Plaza has been the setting of many memories. After Leo Snider first built the house for his wife and soon-to-be child, it has been passed on to multiple families that have called this place home. Susan Moehl and Penni Johnson were the first to turn it into a bed-and-breakfast in the 1980s. Since then, it has been passed on to two other owners who kept the Inn running.

In 2022, we’re excited to begin the next chapter in the story of Southmoreland on the Plaza. As of January 1st, we will be running our beautiful 14-bedroom Colonial Revival as a self-service hotel, and no longer as a bed-and-breakfast. As we keep up with the times, this style proves to be the future of hospitality and what is most straightforward for our guests.

You will still be able to book directly on our website, as well as on Airbnb. Our hope is to offer you the same cozy and beautiful atmosphere while giving everyone the freedom of a quiet and private getaway. We have found that many guests no longer wish to partake in the hassle of booking a breakfast time and being on schedule during their relaxing vacation, and instead prefer to walk to the Plaza and enjoy some of the many wonderful restaurants and coffee shops any time they please.

Additionally, the reality is that over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all. Not only did we shut down for several months during the height of it, but the shortage in workers has brought the price of staffing much higher, and we are no longer able to continue with such labor-intensive amenities. The mix of seeing the shift in what our customers value, along with not being able to find the staffing, has pushed us to take this leap into a new direction. We’re excited for the changes and possibilities that it brings. We know that some people will be disappointed to find that Southmoreland is no longer serving food, but we hope you will see the vision for how this will be a benefit to our guests. The following is a list of exciting changes coming with the transition:

  • We will no longer host any on-site staff, allowing you the privacy you deserve during your stay. However, we will be reachable by phone for any questions or concerns.
  • Our food and beverage services will no longer be offered, allowing you to bring in the food of your choice or explore Kansas City’s extensive dining options
  • Our supply of dishes and glassware will be available for use to all guests at any time
  • We have created a new guest room book that shares the story of Southmoreland’s legacy and gives guests all the information they need for a delightful stay in Kansas City
  • We are adding mini-fridges into each room for your convenience (one of our most requested changes!)
  • We will be adding a microwave to the common space for your convenience
  • Groups who book the entire property will now be able to use our kitchen and refrigerator spaces as you’d like and no longer need to be a certified caterer to do so
  • You will no longer need to worry about reserving a breakfast slot
  • We will no longer need to shut down the veranda and sunroom for breakfast setup every night, so it will also be available throughout the evening for your enjoyment; we have also added a WiFi lock to the veranda, creating a new guest entrance

Our continual goal is to remain a comfortable, beautiful lodging space near the best shopping, entertainment, and dining in Kansas City. Southmoreland on the Plaza has been a staple of the Kansas City community for decades, and we are planning on remaining so for decades to come. In its many years of operation, Southmoreland has brought a sense of joy and belonging to everyone it welcomes.

As we move forward with these changes, know that we honor the mansion’s legacy and will continue to build upon it for years to come. We are here for our guests, and we hope that you will join us in this new chapter as we continue the incredible story of Southmoreland on the Plaza.